2012 m. lapkričio 27 d., antradienis

from Fotografiska

Johan Willner. Boy Stories. Die Ordnung, 2006

 Johan Willner. Boy Stories. Family Refexion, 2012

More reconstructed childhood memories from Johan Willner in his series "Boy Stories": http://www.johanwillner.com/boy_stories.php 

from up north

šiek tiek anksčiau šį bei tą parašiau apie Helsinkio kino festivalį "Love and Anarchy"@laikas.lt:


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back from sweden

Christer Strömholm

 more: http://www.stromholm.com/index2.htm

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it all seemed extraordinarily poetic, simply because Füsun was at my side

(O. Pamuk "The Museum of Innocence")


And she walks like you
And she smiles almost like you
A child of the wild just like you

...God, help me say goodnight

2012 m. lapkričio 3 d., šeštadienis

she feels his leg touching hers under the school desk

works like 2003

they always repeat the same songs - placebo, the smiths, the cure, the killers

                  last call for the drinks, lights go up. last chance to get a girl. nothing changed in 10 years.