2011 m. spalio 30 d., sekmadienis


my coursemate Elijus - he was an actor of our 1 minute video story

 I started my internship in Lithuanian business newspaper "Verslo žinios". The first time, when I went to the office, I was told to go to the farm. So, we had a shooting there - how the cows are being loaded into the truck, which goes to Italy.
 the farm is owned by a wonderful family.

 birthday of Karolis, which took place on the next-to-last day before closing of Fluxus Ministry. I had a great time!

2011 m. spalio 22 d., šeštadienis


2011 m. spalio 8 d., šeštadienis

Film Journalism

I`ve been participating in Film Journalism Workshop in Kaunas. This a link to the blog that we were writing:

Kaunas International Film Festival Film Journalism Workshop Blog

I wrote about few films during the workshop, this was "Arirang", "Black Bread" and "Le Havre" (last one made by my favourite director Aki Kaurismaki). This is a link to my posts:
My reviews

hana haley

Untitled by hana haley
photo by hana haley on Flickr.

2011 m. spalio 6 d., ketvirtadienis

be the overflow!
pockets full of stones

2011 m. spalio 4 d., antradienis

Robe d’été

I somehow like this pretty gay scene from Francois Ozon`s short movie "A summer dress". The movie talks about the French love triangle and questions gender definitions through the motive of a little summer dress.